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🌿The uniqueness of the Ukrainian reindeer moss🌿

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

😍Stabilized moss is one of the most popular and versatile materials for decorating any premises, creating various compositions of any complexity. This moss is easy to use, does not require any maintenance or watering, and the unique structure gives a repulsive effect, so dust does not collect on the moss. There are many types of stabilized moss, one of the most popular now is Ukrainian reindeer moss. 🌿

Green Ecco Moss has been collecting and stabilizing such moss throughout the company's history. This type of moss grows only in ecologically clean forests, so poor quality is out of the question.

Yagel is soft and fluffy, pleasant to the touch - an excellent material for work.

What can be made from moss?

There are a lot of options, you can create ...

1) Picture or panel 🙌

2) Composition of moss and plants 🌿🍀

3) Planters ✨

4) Fito wall 🌳🌲

These are only four options, in fact there are many more, it all depends on your goal and imagination.

Our company can fulfill your every desire. Choose the style and types of moss, specify the desired size and pattern. We provide free visualization of your ideas.

Also, you can get professional advice from our managers, they know everything and everything about stabilized products, they will offer ideas and advise on how best to implement them, call or write to us on social networks, we are always happy to help.

In the video you can see the difference between stabilized and non-stabilized moss.

Buy stabilized moss

Buy stabilized moss

Buy stabilized moss

Buy stabilized moss

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