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The trend of recent years is stabilized mosses

🧐Today is presented as a 'time of change' in all spheres of life and activity, decor is no exception.

The decor has reached a new level and the styles of decorating the premises have changed.

One of these styles is Eco style😍

This style is unique in the interior decorating hierarchy. It is famous for various natural elements, for example: phyto walls, phyto modules, paintings and panels, planters and dried flowers ... and so on.

Such decorations will refresh your interior and make it much more comfortable and newer.🌿🌳

Buy stabilized moss

Green ecco moss specializes in the manufacture of all of the above products.

An important advantage of our company is that we produce handmade goods, we adhere to all economic norms and rules. We are professionals in the field of stabilized decoration.


Stabilization is the process of * stopping time * in a plant, during which its primary appearance is preserved, stabilized plants from GEM have a guarantee for a period of 5 to 8 years! ✨

We also produce the most popular types of stabilized mosses, including: Ukrainian reindeer moss, Provencal moss (royal) and also flat mosses. A huge palette of colors allows you to choose any color that suits you.

There is also the possibility of an individual order. Describe your wishes, contact our managers, we will discuss all the details and complete the order as quickly and efficiently as possible.🥰🥰

Do you have any questions?

Contact us !

Call the phone number or write to us on social networks.

Also answers to the most popular questions are in blogs.

Buy stabilized moss

Buy stabilized moss

Купить стабилизированный мох

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