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What type of moss is better to buy? GREEN ECCO MOSS has the answer.

Good day dear friends!

Today we will discuss the types of moss, you will find out which moss is best suited to a particular composition. 😲😎

Let's start with such a popular type of moss - tussock.

Moss with bumps is a standard in the world of decor, it has a unique structure and shape, often it is a circle or an oval, such moss is dense, so it is very convenient to work with it. It is held together and looks like a natural carpet, only made of moss. Moss with hummocks will look best in a picture or panel, you can also create hummock honeycombs from it. We have a huge palette of colors of this moss and are happy to provide you with it in any quantity and color.🧐

stabilized moss

Reindeer moss

Moss reindeer moss is of 2 types, these are Ukrainian and Norwegian. It is very different from hummocky, on the contrary, it is soft and fluffy, pleasant to the touch - an excellent material for decoration. Suitable for any composition, it looks great when it is complemented with stabilized plants, and if you set the backlight of this moss, you can see its incredible beauty.💙💛

stabilized moss

stabilized moss


🌿😍The most unique moss, it is quite dense, but at the same time soft, exceptional structure, in the form of a crown, will create an outstanding composition. Best combined with flat and tussock moss. 🌿😍

stabilized moss

Flat mosses

Green Ecco Moss has 2 types of flat moss available: flat moss of the same name and fern moss. Such mosses are best suited as an additional decoration of the composition or as the main decor material, for example, to create a relief and fill the space. A huge plus for these mosses, they have better compatibility, they complement all stabilized products, and with their help you can focus on some of the elements of stabilized art.


stabilized moss

stabilized moss

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