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Phytowalls from moss in Ukraine

Residents of large cities very often want to escape from the noise of megacities somewhere in nature. But, unfortunately, such an opportunity is not always available. But it is possible to create a green corner in an office, apartment or any public institution.

But indoor plants are a banal option. Therefore, designers offer another solution - stabilized moss on the wall. Everyone knows that the bestthe price for moss in Ukraine in the company Green Ecco Moss.

What's special about it?

Phytowall made of moss is a great way to give the interior of a home, office or public institutions of comfort and lightness. In addition, residents of megacities have the opportunity enjoy unity with nature without leaving the city.

Stabilized moss for creating wall decorative elements is chosen because of such his advantages:

  • ease of care. All biological processes in plants are suspended, so there is no needs for regular watering or sunlight. Quite periodically brush off dust with a special broom;

  • safety For preservation, a solution is used that does not cause allergic reactions;

  • durability A wall of moss preserves an attractive appearance for a long time. But it is importantso that direct sunlight does not fall on it.

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