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Purified or not? Which moss to choose?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!😉

Stabilized moss — is one of the best and modern solutions for landscaping, decorating apartments and houses, offices and restaurants. The stabilization method is environmentally friendly, it does not harm health in any way. On the contrary, it has a positive effect on the human nervous system and improves morale.

Stabilization from green ecco moss takes place in several stages (checking raw materials, cleaning (if necessary), drying, stabilizing, drying again and checking, packing and sending the goods). Due to all processes, mosses and plants are of the highest quality.

For 5 years, 'GEM' has been experimenting with various methods to replace the natural juice with a chemical solution that helps preserve the plant. All products of our company have a guarantee of 5-8 years, which is one of the best indicators among competitors! 😎

We have a huge range of colors, many different shades, with the help of them, panels and paintings, planters and florariums, phyto walls and panels of their moss are created.

What does cleaned and uncleaned moss mean? 🧐

We have both cleaned and uncleaned in stock. The only difference is that the moss skips one stage and immediately moves on to the next. Such moss is cheaper than peeled, it also has a characteristic difference, it contains various natural components.🌿💸 (can be clearly seen in the photo / video)

Moss that has passed the cleaning stage will be preferable when creating panels and paintings, planters and phyto walls. This moss is used in Green Ecco Moss products.

Below is the difference in mosses, so it will be better to understand which option is preferable for you. If you want to get professional advice, then call the phone number or write to us in the social. networks (Instagram, Telegram, Viber).😎

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