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Moss 'Provence' - a highlight in your interior

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome everyone, dear friends!

Today we will talk about Provence moss, its advantages, in which countries it grows and how it can be implemented in the interior. 🏠

Provence grows in certain ecologically suitable forests, mainly in Scandinavian, French and of course Ukrainian forests. Since moss only grows in suitable forests, you have no reason to worry about the poor quality of the product. Green Ecco Moss provides only high quality products!🌿

Also, this moss looks like a “bump” moss at first glance, but this is not entirely true. Mosses have a different structure, Provence is softer to the touch. It is this parameter that gives the perfect 3D effect, you can use it to realize the coolest ideas.😉

Often 'green walls' are used to soundproof a room. So, Provence moss is the best option for soundproofing. It has a high % noise isolation. Make a Provence wall and forget about annoying external noises. 'GEM' offers to make a wall from Provence with the addition of lighting, so you focus people's attention on the moss even more and emphasize its beauty, and paired with stabilized plants you will have the best interior!

I recommend to order a product from Provence. Make your room unique!😎😎

buy moss provence

buy moss provence

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