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Moss 'Kochka'. What is it and where to use it?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good afternoon friends !

Today we will talk about stabilized tussock moss.

What's this?

Tuss moss is a rather dense moss in structure, so it is harder than other mosses. This type of moss is one of the most popular. Why?

The tussock stabilized moss looks amazing! It has a rounded shape, which gives some advantage to those who create compositions from stabilized products, ease of use and its density provides maximum comfort in working with this moss.

I remind you that all products from GEM are of natural origin. This is NOT artificially made moss! Stabilized products mean that the natural juice is replaced by a chemical solution that provides such durability. It is ABSOLUTELY not harmful to your health and is not dangerous for children and animals.

We offer a bunch of different colors and products from it, you can see the entire list in the GEM store.

Where is the best place to use moss 'bump'?

Definitely these are paintings and panels. It can only be made from a “bump”, but it is best to use a combination of mosses of different colors and add plants to the composition. There is also an excellent option to order moss combs (photo below). It is in these combs that you can see why this moss is so popular.

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