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Impregnation. Full and partial (Moss Provence)

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends! 😀

We have already discussed moss impregnation and what it is, if you do not know what it is, read the blog about it.😎

And today we will look at the complete and partial impregnation of Provence moss.

Provence moss is one of the best options for decorating your room. It has excellent sound insulation performance. Perfect for any 3D composition due to its shape and structure. Provence will fit into any interior and will be a chic highlight.

Well, let's talk about the impregnation of Provence.🌿

As you can see, when fully stabilized, the roots of the moss are fully colored and look better than moss with partial impregnation. I also remind you that the minus of partial stabilization is that as a result, the moss cannot be broken because unpainted roots will be visible. The moss will be light, but not elastic, but it will be enough to make a decor out of it.🍀

But the two options look very good and high quality. Green Ecco Moss produces the highest quality product and is the manufacturer of this product! 🥰

You can get acquainted with the types and prices of Provence moss in our GEM store.

You can learn more about the features of impregnation types in the blog.

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