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Fern moss - a corner of natural tranquility

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

🚴‍♂️When we are in the forest, it's not a secret for anyone that we enjoy both psychological and moral peace. All this because of our distant past. What do we most often pay attention to when we are in the forest? On trees and ferns. Agree, ferns look just gorgeous! 😍

What if we put a fern in your house? Just a little in miniature, GEM offers you fern moss. This type of moss is a mini fern, if you pay attention to its close view, you will see that the moss consists of hundreds of mini ferns. It is this moss structure that allows it to be used in any forest compositions.🌳

Keep in mind, this is a flat moss, it will not give such volume as hummock moss or Provence, it will emphasize the highlight of the composition or become it if you choose its location in the picture or panel correctly.😎

A great option to use this moss as an addition to the composition. Take different types of moss, add plants (for example, fern) and you will have a wonderful work that will give that very pleasure and peace.🤗

Don't forget, all products from Green Ecco Moss do not need watering or maintenance. Maintain indoor humidity of 35-45% and get maximum durability of 5-8 years! 😮

Buy fern moss

Buy fern moss

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