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"Fabulous" walls with mosswhat is it and where to apply it?

We receive many calls with the question “I was leafing through your page on the Internet and came across a very interesting interior, there is a very interesting wall that resembles a real edge from a fairy forest. Tell me, how does this object behave in everyday life? Doesn't it attract dust? " "Edge" from a fairy forest is a vertical landscaping made of stabilized moss. I think everyone is interested in learning about living walls, so I will share information with you.

Stabilized moss is a real piece of nature in which all biological processes have been stopped. Processed in a special solution. He:

- does not lose its softness and elasticity;

- does not rot, does not dry, insects do not start in it;

- does not cause allergies.

It is a mistake to think that a design object will become a dust collector. Due to its density, moss does not attract dust. Of course, he will not be able to push away absolutely all the dust, so it must be periodically blown off with a hairdryer.

Moss does not lose its color, so a wall or design project will always look juicy and fresh. Moreover, you can tint it yourself with a special solution.

Moss is easy to care for. Moss does not need sunlight because it is dormant. It is impossible to water the moss, as well as to place it in open sunlight. It is enough just to maintain the required humidity (45% -60%) in the room, and in cold weather keep it away from heating devices.

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