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Would you like to buy stabilized moss in a pot?

Stabilized moss in a pot is one of the most popular decor elements of our time.

It is often used in workplaces such as computer desks in offices. They are a good substitute for traditional cacti, which, as you know, practically do not need to be looked after, because stabilized moss does not need to be looked after at all! It is treated with special substances, so after processing the moss does not grow, does not smell and at the same time looks gorgeous.

Already in many offices, dental clinics, cafes and restaurants there are small, very beautiful and most importantly environmentally friendly pots with stabilized moss.

Maybe it's time for you to buy a stabilized potted moss from Green Ecco Moss!

стабилизированный мох в горшке купить киев

In an office environment, the following guidelines for handling potted stabilized moss should be followed:

  1. Humidity should be above 40%. Moss needs moisture, otherwise it will lose its attractive appearance, become dull, lethargic and hard. You can restore the natural look with the help of air humidification. For this procedure, a household humidifier or a plate of water is used, which should be close to the moss. Moss products must be placed away from the air conditioner and heat radiator, as they dry out the air;

  2. Once a month, dust should be removed, in this case, cold blowing will help to effectively and quickly cope with the task;

  3. Do not allow water to get on the surface of the moss;

  4. Protect moss from direct sunlight, which adversely affect the brightness of the color and softness of the moss;

  5. Avoid mechanical or tactile contact with the moss, as its top may be damaged.

стабилизированный мох в горшке купить

Compliance with the above recommendations for caring for moss in an office environment will help for a long time, or rather for up to 10 years, to preserve the brightness and natural beauty of the moss.

And you can not even doubt the quality of our goods, because for us, the GEM company, the main thing is the client and the quality that we have at the highest level.

You can get acquainted with the goods and prices in our store. If you have any questions? You can easily either write to us on social networks or call. We will always be happy to help you.

Good luck, have a nice day!

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