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Wall of nature in your interior 😍

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

How do you like the idea of ​​making your wall more interesting?🔥 I think you will agree, because an empty wall does not look modern or aesthetic. It would be much better to hang a picture on the wall, and even better to fill the entire space of the wall with moss. Which moss should I choose? The Green Ecco campaign will help you make the right choice.

We have a huge selection of material and finished goods, be sure to check it out in the store!🌿

Let's start!

One of the most interesting solutions that can be 😊

The tussock moss has a bewitching effect, the same feature of moss is its shape, it stands out against the background of everything and the eyes will immediately reach out to see what kind of miracle is hanging on the wall. We produce a mound of different colors, so you can freely order the color that suits your interior.

Tussock moss GEM

Pleasant structure and pleasant to the touch, that's all about it. We have two types of reindeer moss in our assortment: Norwegian and Ukrainian. The difference between the species is that the Norwegian one is more fluffy than the Ukrainian one, but the Ukrainian one, in turn, is more dense in structure. The difference in the description is not great, but it is clearly visible in the photo.

moss reindeer moss

Flat moss is different from all the above types of moss. It spreads like a carpet over the surface and perfectly fills empty spaces. A panel only made of flat moss is not suitable for all interiors, so be vigilant in your choice. It is best to use a combination of flat and tussock moss. They are in perfect harmony, hummocky moss from such a composition will stand out and this will become the highlight of the illustration.

moss painting

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