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Answers to your questions about stabilized products😏

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Hello dear friends!

Today Green Ecco Moss will answer all your questions about stabilized products.

1) What is stabilization?

Stabilization is the process of replacing the natural juice of a plant with an environmentally friendly chemical solution based on salt or glycerin. This is a kind of time dilation for plants, in which the appearance, shape and elasticity are preserved. The level of impregnation with a chemical solution can be complete and incomplete, you can read about this blog dedicated to this. ✨

2) What's the warranty for your products?

– Guarantee for moss from 5 to 8 years.

— Plants from 3 to 5 years.

We also guarantee our technical support 24/7. In case of product discrepancies, you can return the product within 14 days, we also provide maintenance of moss green walls at your request. 😎😲

3) What are you producing?

At the time of publication of this blog, there are 287 products in the green ecco moss store. These products are divided into 14 categories, among them:

1. Mosses (Norwegian and Ukrainian reindeer moss, tussock moss, Provence, Royal Provence, fern moss)

2. Planter (completely different shapes, with different moss and colors)

3. Dried flowers (36 positions, mostly used as an additional decoration of the composition)

4. Stabilized flowers (roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and TP)

5. Paintings and panels (28 diverse, amazing ready-made compositions, using mosses and plants)

And this is not the whole list of categories, you can see all products in our GEM store. 😀😍😍

4) What are the recommendations for the operation of stabilized products?

Moss that has undergone stabilization is not recommended to be placed in direct sunlight. In close contact with heat sources, the moss can dry out. In this case, change the habitat of the plants. Maintain indoor humidity between 40-55%. The recommended temperature in the room where the moss or plants are located is from +5 to +28. Moss of our production is not afraid of temperature drops up to -10 C (not for a long time). It is considered normal that moss stabilized does not collect dust. Moss repels dust due to its natural texture and density. If the picture is burned out or lost color, then you need to remove the picture from the sun's rays, put a humidifier. Or contact us for detailed advice, we will help you.

If you want to do a moss cleaning procedure, we recommend using a dust brush or a hair dryer with a cool stream of air.

How to care for moss

How to care for moss

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