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The perfect gift! Moss box

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Often we have moments in life when we want to make a really cool gift to a loved one.💙💛 You don’t always know what to give, and it’s even more difficult to present your gift beautifully.✨

Especially to solve such situations, Green Ecco Moss has developed a heart-shaped box design. A small box with moss inside will be a wonderful place to put your precious gift, it can be anything, such as a ring or a chain. And it is best to give an individual thing so that it will be remembered for sure that you gave it.


Therefore, we have the possibility of engraving names or any other inscriptions that you offer. So your gift will be different from all others and will be remembered for a long time!🙌

Moss in the box does not need care and watering. Stabilized plants are not harmful to health and are environmentally friendly. The only thing you need to stick to is indoor humidity of 35-45% to achieve a maximum service life of eight years.😎😲

👌Also don't worry about dust, natural moss has a unique feature and structure, with the help of which the moss repels dust.

There is also an option to purchase a box without moss. This will be cheaper and you can put everything your soul desires in it.

If you want to get professional advice, call the phone number or write to us in the social. networks (Instagram, Viber, Telegram).

Buy a heart-shaped box

Buy a heart-shaped box

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