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The pearl in the interior is green moss

Designers most often use green moss in their work. It is a classic solution and is able to convey the effect of a natural clearing, which was planted in an upright position.

Stabilized moss is a natural material used for decorative purposes in interior decoration: at home, office, spa, cafe, etc. Stabilized moss is also used to form 3D layouts or in floristry.

First-class material of Ukrainian production. Green Ecco Moss is a manufacturer and distributor of natural decor. We offer to purchase green moss weighing from 0.5 kg in a package.

Average consumption per 1 sq. m - 6 kg.

Stabilized natural material does not require special care and watering. Plants eliminate the possibility of drying out, they do not become a habitat for parasitic insects.

Moss is soft and easy to glue, which allows you to create any composition.

Turning to our company, you get:

🔹 premium service;

🔹 products at the best prices;

🔹 detailed recommendations on the use of plants and moss.

The manager instantly forms an order, after which the parcel is sent to the recipient on the same day, if it is in stock. We work 7 days a week, which allows us to place an order for the purchase of natural material to create a unique interior design from stabilized moss.

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