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Stabilized trees from 'GEM' 🌳

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good day dear friends! 🤗

We all really appreciate the presence of plants in our homes, vegetation betrays any room of colors and its atmosphere. Quite an important presence of flowerpots or fairly large trees.

They are always the first to catch the eye, the beauty of trees in the interior always fascinates the best.

How do you like trees that do not need care and watering?

This is exactly what we create, Green Ecco Moss is an expert in stabilization, the process of replacing natural plant sap with an environmentally friendly glycerin-based chemical solution. This process literally stops time and the tree always looks like a living thing.

😏Stop wasting your precious time caring for your home flora, purchase our products and don't worry about it. Stabilized products will not disturb diseases, parasites. To maximize the service life, it is necessary to observe the humidity in the room of 45-55%, do not expose the product to direct sunlight. Guarantee for trees from GEM 5-8 years!

Also in the store you will find many other interesting products for decorating your home, creating compositions from moss and plants, bouquets of dried flowers and much more.


Stabilized trees will look great in large rooms, and they can also be combined with other plants to create a 'natural corner' in the house.

buy stabilized trees

buy stabilized trees

buy stabilized trees

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