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Designers - this is for you!😍

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends! 🤗

Plants that have gone through a stabilization phase are some of the best additions to a moss composition. There are many excellent examples of the use of moss and plants in one painting or panel.

Recently, Green Ecco Moss has produced many new products. Designers have been waiting for this for a very long time. Now you can use new types of plants in your work, with the help of them you can create even more composition variations.

With new materials, phyto walls will become even more diverse, they will acquire new colors.

GEM color palette will be expanded soon! At the moment we have at our disposal unique colors and shades that will definitely come in handy in creating a 'stabilized masterpiece'

Now let's move on to the list of new products (the plants listed below are the most unique in the field of stabilization)

buy stabilized plants







All new products can be viewed in our store.

buy stabilized plants

buy stabilized plants

buy stabilized plants

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