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Stabilized products in interiors 2

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

“Buy something unique and beautiful to enjoy every day……” Such thoughts are often visited by people who want to make their house or apartment more beautiful, well, this is what the Green Ecco Moss team was created for. We will create an incredibly beautiful interior for you and, most importantly, it will be unique, made specifically for your room, which will give the best result!

We have a huge selection of different products and variations of products for any interior. Important note, our products are environmentally friendly and do not require maintenance or watering.

Also we can make a picture or a panel under the order. Tell us your idea and we will bring it to life. It is possible to add backlighting to a panel or picture, which will give a bonus to lighting. This will be a great option if there is a lack of light in the room.

We thought about the idea for a long time, but didn’t come up with anything? Visit our Pinterest page for a huge selection of ideas there!

Follow us on Instagram for all the latest news and discounts!!

And below you will see photos of our work and note that moss and other stabilized plants look great in each of the interiors.

купити стабілізовані вироби

купити стабілізовані вироби

купити стабілізовані вироби

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