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Stabilized products in interiors

Good day friends!

In this blog, we will discuss ideas for using stabilized products (moss, trees, plants) in various interiors.

To begin with, let's deal with the role of plants in the premises, because not everyone is 100% aware of how important this is.

1) One of the zoning methods

A simple example is a separate wall between the working and 'launch' areas, basically such walls are filled with books, various figures, etc. But you can do otherwise by making a split wall more interesting and full, planters and florariums are best suited for this, they will fit perfectly into any style of interior and give a completely new look to your wall.

2) Add atmosphere

Here your imagination is your best friend, because each of you feels the atmosphere in your own way, you can use moss paintings, it will look especially atmospheric with backlighting, in places where there is a lack of lighting.

3) Filling voids

A fairly common problem in large rooms, when there is a lot of space and you don’t know what to put “here” or “there”.

In such cases, something big and original will help you.

What is it? A panel of moss and plants, of course, such panels will perfectly fill the voids in the room, and depending on the color you choose, they will also give a visual effect: attracting attention - yellow, calmness - green, warmth and comfort - orange, a good mood for work - blue .

Well, now you can get down to the ideas, to your attention is a selection of our works, it will give you the opportunity to be inspired and take some of the ideas and apply them to yourself.

Buy stabilized moss

A perfect example of filling a void. You can notice how ordinary and empty, at the same time, this room would be if it were not for the stabilized moss

Buy stabilized moss

A few more examples only in other rooms

Купить стабилизированный мох

Before/after example, as you can see, the atmosphere and the whole interior have become much more interesting and calmer because of the green moss.

Купить стабилизированный мох
Купить стабилизированные растения

Also, you can use our products in work areas, with the right selection of moss and plants, you will get a chic look for your workplace, which will become much more pleasant to work at.

Купить стабилизированные растения

Buy stabilized plants

As you can see, stabilized plants and mosses greatly change the look of the premises and give the interiors new colors, set the mood, and sometimes completely change the atmosphere, making it more unique and better than the one that was before.

I recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the products HERE, they are created in order to improve your interior and make it unique.

Thank you for your attention! We hope you have an idea that we will successfully implement!

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