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Stabilized plants from Green Ecco Moss

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good afternoon friends !

Today I present to you stabilized plants from GEM. To date, we have 26 different stabilized plants, all of which do not need care and watering and retain their beautiful appearance for a period of 5 to 8 years. And all this is due to the stabilization process - replacing the natural juice of the plant with an artificial chemical solution that is absolutely safe for you, your children and animals. These products do not cause allergies and are created only for you to admire them!

In most cases, these plants are used as an addition to moss paintings, because plants and moss in a bunch give a stunning look to the picture and any other product in general.

With the help of plants, you can easily make a natural corner yourself, for example, from Beargrass grass, placing it in a glass box and placing it, for example, under the TV cabinet. It is also a great solution to put stabilized Diosmi in vases in your bedroom or hallway. We also have different types of ferns that are best paired with moss. You can get acquainted with all available goods in the GEM store. And for advice, please contact our managers, they are always happy to accept your order or advise you on any of your questions.

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