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Panel 'tree of the world'. Create a new look for your interior.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Dear friends, I am glad to welcome everyone!🤗

Today we will talk about our new product. It appeared recently, and immediately in several colors and sizes.


1) White

2) Black

3) Brown

4) Dark brown


From 30 to 90 cm in diameter.

🍀🍀This panel is perfect for your room. It does not need to be looked after and watered. It is sometimes recommended to get rid of dust, but extremely rarely, because moss itself repels dust. 🌿🌿

With this product, you will create an excellent atmosphere in your home, which in consequence will give a wonderful effect to your moral health. Buying from Green Ecco Moss you will receive only the highest quality product that does not affect your health in any way. All products of our production are environmentally friendly.😎

The tree is glued on double-sided tape, if necessary, we will provide additional fasteners. This method of fastening ensures the perfection of the product from GEM. 😉

You can find out about other products and prices in the store. I also advise you to read blogs to have enough information about the company and products!

Moss tree to buy

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