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Greening for business from «GEM»

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

Many entrepreneurs ask themselves, “I need something unusual, I want to green up my premises so that my employees feel better and so that the premises are not like my competitors, which company should I choose for the best result?”

The answer is as simple as possible. Green Ecco Moss will provide you with the best landscaping result for any space. We will be very happy to consider the necessary premises and create a photo example, which will show how our panel will be located in the room, or we will plant greenery on the wall of your choice with the possibility of adding your company's eco logo to the wall.

'GEM' guarantees you a quality result. We have a huge selection of materials and colors, which makes it possible to bring a project of any complexity to life. You can see all products in the store.

An excellent choice would be to plant greenery in your room with the help of combinations of various stabilized products: Moss - reindeer moss, tussock, flat, fern, royal provence. Plants - ferns, roses, grasses, branches of various trees and plants, and so on. And all this can be done in different colors and different shapes.

We offer gardening services for all types of premises, whether it is dentistry, hotel, cafe, office, restaurant.

Contact us, send us a photo / video of the premises, we will discuss the style, price and your wishes. Also, to learn more about us and our products, read the BLOG.

buy stabilized products

buy stabilized products

buy stabilized products

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