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Green Ecco Moss - stabilized products expert!

✨Decorative moss is a great material to implement creative design ideas. After all, the interior is the “highlight” of any room, created for a long time. Therefore, its development should be approached with all responsibility. Originality is important here, and natural style serves as a good “field” for its manifestation. Compositions based on ornamental moss create a unique atmosphere.✨

In such rooms, the level of stress and fatigue is reduced, mood is improved.😀

Green Ecco Moss offers to buy decorative moss with a quality guarantee. We accept orders and ship goods every day, seven days a week. We carry out delivery throughout Ukraine and the world 🌎 both retail and wholesale parties. We provide discounts, the conditions for which are discussed individually.

buy stabilized moss poland

European technologies, wide choice

We offer stabilized moss in various designs, including as part of paintings, panels, and other items that form the decor of the room. It is obtained after special processing and the addition of a glycerin solution. This composition is a substitute for natural juice, contributes to the preservation of plant properties for a long time without watering and sunlight.

Moss is used in the production of decor items:

  • Hummocky;

  • Flat;

  • Scandinavian

  • Ukrainian reindeer moss and others.

The stabilization process is carried out according to European technologies. All chemical components of natural decor items are harmless to humans.🤗

We also have a huge selection of stabilized plants and dried flowers in our assortment, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with🌿

We cooperate with both individuals for home decoration and commercial companies for offices. Collection, stabilization, installation of decor items are carried out by our employees.🤝

The price in Green Ecco Moss is lower than that of competitors, because we are manufacturers working without intermediaries. It takes different time to make decor items: from 1 to 14 days - it depends on the complexity of the composition and the number of products.

buy stabilized moss poland

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