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Everything about stabilized products from Green Ecco Moss!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

🌿In this blog, you will learn everything about stabilized products, understand how they are made and see their beauty to the fullest.🌿

Let's start with the main question, what is stabilization in general?

Stabilization is a process in which the natural juice of plants is replaced by a chemical solution, in our case these are two options, a salt-based solution or a glycerin-based solution.

Having dealt with the main question, an equally important one comes, and what other stages does the raw material go through to become a finished product?

To begin with, this is the verification of raw materials, our people carefully check all the raw materials that come to us. After that comes the stage of product selection, what does this mean? This is the stage at which we select the product and sort it by quality and size. After that, we clean our raw materials from debris (mostly sticks and pieces of tree bark). Then the drying process, the raw material goes through drying twice, before stabilization and after, which gives the best quality result!

After the first drying, the raw material is sent to the stabilization stage. Then drying again, after complete drying, the material for the products is ready. Subsequently, all manipulations of the material are used to manufacture goods. Such stages ensure the maximum quality of our products! 😍

And we've got that out of the way, and you might be wondering, 'what about the health effects?'

There are no problems here. Stabilized products are NOT harmful to health, they do not harm you, your children or animals. They do not cause allergies.

“I will buy your product, but how can I take care of it?” This question is often asked, catch the answer 😊

In fact, products do not need to be looked after, moss does not collect dust, on the contrary, it repels it. No need to water products! It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on the products. The ideal humidity in the room, at which the product will be as durable as possible, is 40-55%. Temperature - +5 to +28 degrees Celsius. The product is not afraid of short-term temperature changes. It is also recommended to admire the purchased goods daily to ensure super durability of 5-8 years! 😄

Roses from Green Ecco Moss

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