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Bestsellers of 2022!

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good day friends!

I present to you the bestsellers from the beginning of the year to the present day. The blog will feature the best selling products.

The most popular and best-selling product and for good reason. This type of moss has a simply gorgeous structure and density, which makes it possible to use it in a variety of paintings, it goes well with most stabilized products. We produce moss in various colors and sizes.

Stabilized tussock GEM green 1 kg

The top two in sales is moss, which is known for its uniqueness. This type of moss has a certain softness and is an excellent antidepressant, its structure is very different from the tussock.

Norwegian moss reindeer moss Green Ekko Moss light green 500 gr

And here is the wall panel, our novelty, which immediately sunk into the soul of all our customers. The panel is glued to the surface using double-sided tape. We will make such a panel for you in any size, color, design.

Tree with moss Green Ecco Moss 50 cm diameter

All stabilized products do not need watering and maintenance. It is only necessary to keep the humidity level in the room 40-55% for maximum durability. All products are also as environmentally friendly as possible, do not harm health, do not cause allergies. They are resistant to temperature changes.

Green Ecco Moss delivers goods anywhere in the world, which confirms our professionalism.

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