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You should know this about a stabilized moss wall!

Stabilized moss walls are in high demand in 2020, especially in Ukraine. Many offices, hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, and even homeowners are looking for a low-cost, maintenance-free installation, and stabilized moss has become the most popular solution. Moss-decorated walls are great for the business world and beyond. This delightful plant can embellish absolutely any room: offices, hospitals, beauty studios, hairdressers; and in many other rooms, moss will only delight your eyes! Probably the best solution for the interior in 2020! Order now at Green Eco Moss!

It does not require any maintenance and is not subject to typical indoor climatic conditions (lack of light, climate shock due to heat in winter and air conditioning in summer). Please see photo!

By the way, stabilized moss is not the same as dried moss. In the latter version, it is dehydrated, crunchy, may change color in a short period of time and eventually fall apart. What can not be said about the stabilized moss, it is real, only treated with a 100% natural solution of glycerin, to maintain color and appearance for many, many years. Caring for him is a piece of cake!

This moss is usually sold in boxes. Workers carefully collect it from Ukrainian forests at the best moment of their life cycle. After careful selection, only the highest quality moss goes through the stabilization process.

Then the microclimate is recreated, which finds the perfect balance between humidity, heat and light. These conditions are constantly monitored. The stabilized moss is placed in long tubs covered with a liquid glycerin base, water and food coloring. During this process, which can take several days, the plant's sap evaporates and is replaced by this new mixture.


  • thanks to stabilization, the moss retains its appearance, freshness and aroma for many years;

  • without the need for soil, water or sunlight.

Green Ecco Moss is the leading supplier and manufacturer of stabilized plants and moss products in Ukraine! You will especially like the walls and paintings from this wonderful material.

We are always happy to provide you with only high-quality products, you can get acquainted with all products and prices here: our store.

Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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