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Top facts about GEM

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good afternoon friends !

A selection of facts from Green Ecco Moss at your service.

1) Our campaign produces a completely environmentally friendly product that does not harm you, your children or even animals.

2) We make 250 preserved products in different categories, from mosses to preserved trees.

3) We have vast experience in working with stabilization. We have been trying for you for 5 years.

4) We make the goods in a full cycle, from the collection of raw materials to the product in your premises, which subsequently gives the maximum quality and durability of the goods.

5) Durability. On our goods we give a guarantee from 5 to 8 years!

6) We also do vertical gardening.

7) We are the best ! In 2021, our campaign received the 'Choice of the Country 2021' award, which is an excellent indicator of the quality of our product, your trust in us and the trust in us from European partners.

8) Speed. We are valued for the speed of order fulfillment. After placing your order, we immediately begin to work on it, which is why you will quickly receive your goods.

9) Many stages of production. The finished product goes through many stages: checking, cleaning, drying, stabilizing, checking again and finally packing the goods and sending them to you. After these stages, our product receives the highest level of quality!

10) Our goal is to provide you with the best product in the shortest time and provide you with a good experience with our work. Our highest value is you - our customers!

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