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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome everyone dear friends!🤗

Today I will tell you about us. About Green Ecco Moss.

Where did we start and where are we now?

5 years ago, namely in 2017, our esteemed founders Dmitry and Elena came up with an idea. The purpose of this idea was to make such a plant that it did not require maintenance and watering. Of course, this is not biologically possible, so the founders of 'GEM' began to look for a way to do this chemically, stopping the development of the plant.

After many days of constant experimentation, our heroes managed to deduce the very stabilization formula. But the problem was that, “What are we going to stabilize? How will different plants feel after stabilization?”.😲 As you understand, the experiments did not end there. A bunch of unsuccessful attempts had to go through to make the same product. It turned out that moss is one of the first best options.🌿

It looks amazing, is odorless, repels dust and fits perfectly into any interior. Having considered all the processes, the work began to boil. Time went far from empty. During the production of samples and finished goods, a lot of facts and rules have gathered, following which the result will be the best.😃

This is how our company Green Ecco Moss was born. There was a gathering of a team of people who were trained by our heroes. This is also far from easy, you can’t tell in a couple of days what you did and tried yourself for a couple of hard months. But the team was trained very well and today, each of them is a pro in his field. With the new team, Dmitry and Elena managed to do what they could not do before, now everyone was an enthusiast and offered more and more new ideas. And through sweat and tears, we came to where we are now! 😎

Even the war did not break us, because we are Ukrainians. 🥰 We work hard for the sake of clients and the future of our great and united country. In such a difficult time, we are making new products for you, holding contests and working tirelessly!

As you can see, in 5 years, from the idea of ​​decorating the house with plants, but not caring for them, a big company has turned out. For which the main rule is the opinion and desire of the client number one! 😏

Over the years, we have become the best in our business! This is confirmed by our awards and contracts with many foreign companies from different parts of the world.

When dealing with Green Ecco Moss, you will 100% get a quality product. Check out the full list of items in the store.

Be with us and Ukraine!

Green Ecco Moss

moss stabilized

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