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The relevance of stabilized moss

The new year 2023 is in the yard, 22 was difficult, but we survived and continue to work no matter what.

In recent years, we have heard talk about the fact that stabilized plants are no longer relevant, but as a rule, people who have never dealt with such decor material say so. 😍

Today we will understand why such an idea arises and why stabilization is still relevant.

🧐It will not be superfluous to explain what this unique, unparalleled material in the world of decor is. Stabilized plants are environmentally friendly plants in which the natural juice is replaced by a chemical solution. By the way, quite often when we hear the word * chemical * we immediately begin to think about something harmful and not good for health. So this does not apply to our decor. A solution that replaces natural juice is absolutely harmless to humans and animals. Therefore, you should not worry. 🧐

As for the manufacturing process, we described all the stages of production in a separate blog on our website!

🌿 Let's return to the topic of relevance, now, especially after the pandemic, a popular eco theme is raging. Many create decor that will not affect human health in any way and will be environmentally friendly for nature. As you understand Green Ecco Moss succeeded in this matter as well. 🍀

Buy stabilized moss wholesale

What could be better than a picture of moss and plants that does not harm either nature or man?

Moreover, such a masterpiece in the world of decor will allow you to be relevant for many years, and delight you with its appearance from 5 to 8 years!

Mosses and plants do not change their appearance and structure over time, of course, if you follow the rules for care.

What are these rules?

- Since the plants no longer grow and are in a stable state, they do not need special lighting and watering. Such decorations are not recommended to be placed under direct sunlight. In close contact with heat sources, they can dry out. In this case, change the habitat of the plants. Maintain indoor humidity between 40-55%. The recommended temperature in the room where the moss or plants are located is from +5 to +28. Moss of our production is not afraid of temperature drops up to -10 C (not for a long time). It is considered normal that moss stabilized does not collect dust. Moss repels dust due to its natural texture and density.

If you want to do a moss cleaning procedure, we recommend using a dust brush or a hair dryer with a cool stream of air.

Manufacturer Green Ecco Moss knows how to care for moss!😎😎🤯

Many of our clients order paintings with their own design. They discuss with our manager the details of the product: colors, size, pattern, theme, etc. After that, we create a 3D visualization so that the client can see in advance what his order will look like. After we beat the price of the product and get to work.

Below you will see a selection of photos in the interiors and the question of NOT relevance disappears by itself.

Buy stabilized moss wholesale

Buy stabilized moss wholesale

Buy stabilized moss wholesale

Buy stabilized moss wholesale

Buy stabilized moss wholesale

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