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The influence of interior colors on health 2

Good day friends!

Today we will discuss a couple more flowers and their effect on your health.

Let's go!

1) Purple

This color, as a rule, we associate with those who are creative individuals. Why purple? The reason for this is that this color acts as a sedative for your subconscious and body, and as we know, creative people often need peace. A purple planter will perfectly fit into the interior of every creative person and will have a great influence on you if you are engaged in meditation or any other spiritual practice.

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2) Brown

A rather dark tone of color would not seem to give much positive, but this is an erroneous opinion. Brown is the color of stability and peacefulness, because it is a natural color in the first place. If you are a calm, reasonable person, then your color is 100% brown, and a picture of their moss will suit you best.

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3) Pink

Lovely color isn't it? I think this is the favorite color of many girls and here's why. This color gives a relaxing effect and the effect of relaxation, the same positive effect on the state of your psychological health. Green Ecco Moss has a great option for you - a preserved moss tree.

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