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The best decorations for the New Year 🎅🎊

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

We are gradually approaching a rather cold, but very beautiful season - winter. 💗🎅 Everyone associates winter differently, for someone with snow and snowball fights, for someone with busy working months, and for someone with rest and enjoyment of all the New Year holidays.

In addition, each of us decorates our room in different ways, in order to get that same feeling of the New Year holidays to the song 'Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!'. 🎊

The Christmas tree is certainly the main attribute of any winter holiday. And on it we flaunt various toys, balls, lights and much, much more.

Over time, people have forgotten about one rather important detail that is present on the Christmas tree. Of course it's cones.

Green Ecco Moss presents stabilized cones with a huge range of colors, which will allow you to match the color to any interior or Christmas decoration element. The methods of using these cones are as diverse as possible.

1) Decorating the Christmas tree with them 🌲

2) Use as a material for decoration✨

3) Composition creation😲

4) Decoration of wreaths 💙💛

5) Creating bouquets with the addition of stabilized plants 🙌

And these are only five options, in fact, the possibilities of use are endless.

Also, they can be used not only for the New Year holidays, they are suitable for all seasons.

If you want to get professional advice, then call the phone number or write to us in the social. networks (Instagram, Telegram, Viber).😎

Buy cones for decoration

Buy cones for decoration

Buy cones for decoration

Buy cones for decoration

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