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Patriotism and scenery. How can this be related?

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!🥰

If everything is clear with Amaranth in principle, then what kind of lamp is this?

And now we come to the topic of today's blog. A little backstory. 👨‍🎓

After the Russian attack on Ukraine, we all remember how on the only island of Ukraine, the island of Zmein, there were military personnel who, after February 24, were under the fire control of orcs from the Russian Federation. Soon one of the ships contacted the Ukrainian military on the island in order to force the soldiers to lay down their arms.

But the Ukrainians do not simply surrender, after another warning, one of the soldiers on the island sent a 'Russian warship' to hell.

Of course, after that, fire began on them, but they survived and were later exchanged and returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine. For such great courage and courage, all the soldiers were awarded the highest awards, and the soldier who turned to the ship became a symbol of Ukrainian strength and courage, steadfastness and love of freedom.

In honor of this, our large team 'Green Ecco Moss' created this product. The product is made of plywood, the picture is cut out on acrylic, and together with the backlight, this lamp radiates the very strength and courage of the Ukrainian military. Moss in the colors of the flag of Ukraine was also attached to the base of the lamp. 😍

By purchasing this product, you will automatically be in trend and increase your level of patriotism, in turn, the money from the sale of goods will go to the armed forces of Ukraine. Therefore, if you want to help our people and army, buy our scenery and watch how the 22nd army of the world destroys the 2nd one.😎😎патриотический-светильник-русский-военный-корабль-иди-на-йпатриотический-светильник-русский-военный-корабль-иди-на-й

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