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Nature is man

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

🧑Man has always been close to nature, no matter what century it is, the 21st or the 1st, nature and man are one single whole.

It's no secret to anyone, people feel better in nature than in the city, especially in the forest. In the forest, our body turns on the mode of maximum rest and at the same time maximum concentration of attention on the wonderful gifts of nature.

Being there you hear the birds singing, the sounds of rustling leaves, gusts of wind passing by the trees. 🌳

On the ground, you begin to notice such seemingly inconspicuous details: ants collect resources to build their homes, spiders create more and more traps for insects, weaving wonderful forms from the web.

Agree, your body is distracted from all worries, turns off as much as possible and goes into unity with the outside world. 🌿

When was the last time you were in the forest?

Living in a metropolis, everything that connects you with nature is an artificially created park in the city center, but it only conveys the very energy of the forest for a couple of%.

Green Ecco Moss employees spend a lot of time in the forest, which is why they are always in a good mood, they are always ready to work, they often have a lot of new ideas and suggestions. So, our products convey the same natural energy of the forest. 🌿🌿🍀🍀

Be one with nature more often, spend time in nature and get high!

And our company will help you place a piece of forest in your room.

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