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Moisture resistance of stabilized moss and plants

влагостойкий стабилизированный мох

A stabilized plant does not paint the wall at all, this is a fact. Dried moss can crumble, or completely lose its structure.

So what is the ideal humidity for maintaining ideal moisture for moss?

According to all the rules, the required humidity of the room in which the moss plant is located is at least 40%. But what happens if the plant does not have enough moisture?

If your moss has dried up or completely dried up, this does not mean that it is already unusable, since the stabilization solution may gradually begin to lose its properties. If your plant simply did not have enough moisture, then it still cannot be watered in any case, this will only aggravate the situation and contribute to the speedy death.

There is only one way out - these are well-known air humidifiers, they should be turned on periodically. If the term of your moss has expired - do not be upset, he has already 'outlived his own'.

If you have any questions, please contact Green Ecco Moss!

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