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Make your own masterpiece with GEM

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good day friends!

Today we will learn how to make a composition from stabilized products!

Let's start. What do we need to create a masterpiece?

1) Glue gun.

2) A board or other material on which our moss will be well glued.

3) Moss itself, dried flowers, plants. The choice of material is individual, so review all the products and choose the ones you like the most!

4) Good mood 😊, you can't do without it.

In fact, creating any composition from stabilized products is easy!

On the previously prepared surface we will glue the moss. We take a glue gun and apply glue to the underside of the moss, then press the moss to the surface and give it time to adhere. According to this principle, we glue all stabilized products. After gluing, we leave our composition and give the glue a little time. Check whether all the elements are well fastened, after a thorough check, you can proceed to install the composition on the wall or any other element of the interior.

Ready ! As you can see, there is nothing complicated here, and you will definitely do it!

The main thing in this business is your idea. Think over your composition in advance and think about what it will consist of, what materials you need and TD. If you can't think of anything or need advice, then contact the consultants, they will be happy to help you.

You can also purchase a finished composition in our store. We have a huge selection of paintings and panels, having come up with your own composition, contact us and tell us about it, we will bring your idea to life together!

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