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Influence of interior natural elements on your health

Good day friends!

Few people 10 years ago thought about what colors in the interior it would be best to use.

As a rule, people chose what they simply liked more, and after a while they complained that they were not comfortable in one of the rooms, and in the worst case, they noticed headaches when they were in the room for a long time. What is it connected with?

Let's start with the fact that each organism is unique, and reacts differently to a particular element of the interior. When choosing colors, you need to consider how this or that color will affect your health over time.

Today we will figure out how colors will affect your health. Let's start with the main one:

1) Green

Everything natural immediately goes into association, and rightly so, on an instinctive level, the green color makes us feel calm and at the same time increases mental activity. Green is the color of spring, blossoming and therefore this color stimulates us to productive work. It is best to use green in classrooms, classrooms, offices. Be sure that by placing your work planters with green moss on the tables, they will become more productive, or it would be a great solution to install panels on the wall in the room, so you will immediately 'kill two birds with one stone' by decorating your room and stimulating your entire team to excellent work because for the presence of green!

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2) Yellow

The color of joy, gives a feeling of lightness.

Here everything is just as banal as in the cases with green. Yellow is the color of the sun in the first place. For a person, this is very important, because seeing the rays of the sun on the street, a person begins to enjoy the good weather and this energizes him to work. Use yellow and green to stimulate your work, over time you will see how much better your well-being and productivity will increase due to the purchase of our products.

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3) Red

Struggle...strength and determination. Such associations with this color. If you cannot solve your problems or are in a crisis, then red will help you get out of a difficult situation or make a difficult decision that you could not make before. The best option that we can offer you is an oil painting with stabilized moss.

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