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Advantages of stabilized plants over live ones

Good day friends!

Today we will talk about the advantages of stabilized plants over live plants.

It's no secret that living plants need to be looked after, and you also need to take into account the specifics of each plant and, based on this, take care of it correctly so as not to spoil its appearance. BUT with stabilized plants, everything is much simpler, from this the first advantage:

1) Easy care

Stabilized plants are not whimsical at all, do not require watering or frequent human intervention, it is worth removing dust from time to time and keeping the humidity in the room (we have a blog HERE about humidity, which I advise you to read)

What are the problems of living plants?...

Of course, the seasonality of some plants, some bloom at one time, and others at another, do not also forget that plants can get sick and change their appearance to a less presentable one.

2) Always fresh look

Stabilized goods retain their appearance from 5 to 8 years! They are not afraid of diseases, they do not change their appearance over time, so there is no point in the same care as for other plants.

3) Convenience

Convenience is that you can do whatever you want with our product. You can easily buy, for example, tussock moss and stabilized roses, and then you can easily make some kind of composition without worrying that you are limited in time, because the plants simply do not deteriorate. You do not need to bother with our goods, they took it and did it! And then, looking at your creation, rejoice at how amazing it looks.

! These are the 3 most important benefits of GEM stabilized plants !

You can find information about each product in our store.

If you need more information about our product, you can read it in the blogs.

Green Ecco Moss brings you the BEST preserved plants and plant products!

buy stabilized moss

buy stabilized moss

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