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What is the care for stabilized moss?

Stabilized moss from the manufacturer Green Ecco Moss does not need to be watered, not irrigated and sprayed with water.

Since the moss is no longer growing and is in a stable state, it cannot be watered,

will lose color and its properties! Not afraid of decorative lighting. Do not place under direct sunlight! Maintain indoor humidity between 40%-55%. Recommended temperature in the room where the moss is located

or plants from +5 to +25.

We are producers of stabilized moss in Ukraine.

We make panels and vertical gardens from stabilized moss and plants.

When in close contact with sources of heat and sunlight, the moss dries out. When the moss is dry, it means that the room is not humid enough! Do not touch the dried moss with your hands, it will crumble! Change the habitat of moss or plants, or install a humidifier (do not run the humidifier around the clock, as you need to maintain a healthy indoor humidity).

Moss retains its color and elasticity for 5-8 years with proper care and

compliance with all operating rules! If you have additional questions, write or call. You can also buy Green Ekko Moss products right here!

уход за стабилизированном мхе
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