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Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening with moss Green Ecco Moss is a trending trend in interior design.

Thanks to plants, it will be possible to unusually decorate a room of any size and purpose: a living room, an office, a restaurant, a beauty salon. At the same time, the space will be filled with living energy, which positively affects the general microclimate. Green Ecco Moss will help you create a phytodesign.

Green Ecco Moss is the leading manufacturer of stabilized moss and plants in Ukraine, as well as the distributor of moss panels, on the basis of which our designers will draw up a vertical gardening project. The accumulated experience and boundless imagination allow you to create unique compositions, staying in touch with the client 7 days a week.

• dream of creating a natural design;

• want to be aware of new products;

• love to experiment;

• looking for an opportunity to add a bright accent to the environment;

• Appreciate environmental friendliness and naturalness.

The decision to add natural notes to the interior will allow you to complement the atmosphere with a rich palette that will last for a long time. Landscaping with moss is beautiful, environmentally friendly and affordable, and care is elementary, and it does not take much time.

Here are some reasons:

• we answer phone calls as quickly as possible;

• promptly draw up an application and on the same day we send the goods to the customer if they are in stock;

• we personally prepare design projects (it takes from 1 to 14 days);

• we treat work responsibly and carefully, create comfortable conditions


Our prices are mostly at least 20-50% lower than those of competitors, and for wholesale customers there are good discounts.

вертикальное озеленение
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