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Stabilized moss is completely unpretentious

If your choice fell on decorating the room with moss, then catch a few tips from Green Ecco Moss on how to make moss even more comfortable and durable.

The most important and basic point: moss does not require watering. And often, when people hear this, they basically do not believe that this is possible, since for centuries people have been accustomed to the fact that plants need careful care and watering. But here he does not need watering, as well as spraying.

Humidity. It is needed in order to maintain the structure of the moss. A logical question arises: watering is not needed, but moisture is needed? Quite right. But the humidity in the room is not as difficult to maintain as it seems at first. Elementary ventilation will be more than enough, or if you want, you can connect a humidifier.

Again, to each his own.

It is important to limit the mechanical impact. Of course, the moss is so pretty and you want to touch it so much, but you shouldn’t do this too often. Since human skin has a certain percentage of oiliness, which does not work very well on a stabilized plant.

Many people think that yes, but we are sure that dust collects in a small amount, as on any object, so periodically you need to shake off the dust with a soft dust brush in order to preserve its structure and not damage it.

Subject to these simple rules, moss will last you more than 5-8 years.

Easy and nice!

мох не прихотлив

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