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Moss reindeer moss, use in decor

Natural interior decoration is a modern trend that has reached Ukraine. A good solution is to use stabilized reindeer moss for this. This type of decor creates a unique atmosphere inside the room, saturated with forest aroma. It is very aesthetically pleasing and environmentally safe: moss reindeer moss after stabilization does not cause any harm to humans. It does not need watering or other care. In addition, the phyto wall covering has a soundproofing effect.

If you are interested in a natural interior, and plan to buy for it

moss moss, contact Green Ecco Moss.

In the process of stabilization, a solution is added to the moss, it replaces the natural juice, gives softness, elasticity, and a “fresh” look. The process is carried out by our experienced staff. They also carry out all stages from the collection of moss to the installation of the composition on the walls.

Our catalog contains variations of reindeer moss:

• yellow;

• green:

• crimson;

• red;

Terms of delivery and payment are discussed individually.

As soon as the application is completed, we proceed to the formation of the order and its shipment.

There is a big discount for bulk shipments. This is very profitable, despite the fact that our price is initially lower than that of competitors. This advantage is explained by the fact that we are manufacturers.

мох ягеля в интерьере

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