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Answers to your questions about moss

1. What is stabilized moss? This is a natural moss, the juice of which is replaced by a special solution on a glycerin-salt basis.

2. What kind of care is needed for moss/painting?

Since the moss is no longer growing and is in a stable state, it does not need special lighting and watering. Decorative moss is not recommended to be placed under direct sunlight. In close contact with heat sources, the moss can dry out. In this case, change the habitat of the plants. Maintain indoor humidity between 40-55%. The recommended temperature in the room where the moss or plants are located is from +5 to +28. Moss of our production is not afraid of temperature drops up to -10 C (not for a long time). It is considered normal that moss stabilized does not collect dust. Moss repels dust due to its natural texture and density.

If you want to do a moss cleaning procedure, we recommend using a dust brush or a hair dryer with a cool stream of air.

Manufacturer Green Ecco Moss knows how to care for moss!

3. What is the difference between moss species?

Yagel moss - this type of lichen is the softest and fluffiest of all types of moss. Flat moss, easy to mount to a picture or wall, and also combines well with other types of mosses and plants. Tuss moss is the most popular and eye-catching. Yagel Icelandic, we order abroad, this type of lichen is soft and fluffy and also popular. You will find other types of moss in our shop.

4. How long does moss keep?

Moss retains its color and elasticity from 5-8 years. Moss operating conditions.

5. What guarantees do we give?

We guarantee that the moss of our production is of high quality and is stored for 5 to 8 years. We also guarantee our technical support 24/7. In case of product discrepancies, you can return the product within 14 days, we also provide maintenance of moss green walls at your request.

6. How much moss is needed per 1 square meter?

• Stabilized flat moss needs 1 kg;

• Yagel Ukrainian need 6 kg;

• tussock moss needs 6 kg;

• Yagel Norwegian need from 6 to 8 kg;

7. What is the height of the moss?

Flat moss from 2 to 4 cm, Tussock moss from 5 to 8 cm, reindeer reindeer moss. from 5-9 cm, Norwegian reindeer moss from 6 to 11 cm.

8. Do you work officially? Yes. We make a radiology and phytosanitary certificate for each batch for an additional fee.

9. How is payment made? We work on a prepaid basis.

10. How fast can you deliver?

If the product is in stock, we ship on the day of payment. In the absence of goods in the warehouse, everything is negotiated over the phone (delivery time and production time).

11. What to attach moss to and how?

The standard method is to fix the moss with hot glue. Fasten to the desired base, if the base is not prepared, the moss will not hold.

12. What should I do if my painting is burned out or lost color?

It is necessary to remove the picture from the sun's rays, put a humidifier. Or contact us for detailed advice, we will help you.

стабилизированный мох что это такое
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