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Why is artificial moss worse than stabilized?

Many interior designers, architects, and business owners choose low-maintenance plants for their projects. Do you know, why?

Well, first of all, the difference between natural, artificial plants and stabilized plants is significant in both cost and effectiveness.

Until recently, respectable developers have chosen living 'green walls' instead of artificial ones. This solution, although very attractive to clients and customers, is problematic due to maintenance requirements: water spills, fertilizers, the need to hire maintenance personnel, special lighting and temperature control. Due to the high cost of maintenance, many designers are switching to stabilized plants rather than artificial plants, much less live ones.


Secondly, stabilized plants, including moss, have a much more attractive appearance than artificial ones, why?

During the stabilization process, the sap of the plant evaporates and is replaced by a new mixture, which gives a very good result, namely, the plants look like they have just been brought from the forest.

In addition, such products can hang on the wall for 10 years.

For such a price, as for stabilized products, this is a very promising solution, which many people already use and do not regret it.

We are Green Ecco Moss. we recommend that you try all the charm of stabilized products, and you can view and buy the product on our official website.


And one more thing: for stabilization, technologies are used that do not harm health. Therefore, you can buy moss to decorate children's rooms. In addition, stabilized plants or moss do not cause allergic reactions. Plants do not need watering, transplanting or fertilizing. Care is very simple! They can be used in rooms where sunlight does not penetrate. And in order to maintain an attractive appearance of products, it is enough just from time to time to shake them off with a special brush from dust.

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