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Uniqueness is the main difference of all interiors

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I am glad to welcome you all dear friends!

Everyone is well aware that in our memory the brightest moments are remembered and what we have not seen anywhere before. So, Green Ecco Moss has a great solution for you 😊

You and I can make a great composition. The GEM team produces not only stabilized plants and mosses, but also produces any shape you can imagine from the material on which moss, dried flowers and stabilized plants will be attached. We suggest you choose from the store or come up with a shape to suit your taste and interior. We will cut for you exactly what you want and decorate, as always, with the highest quality, paying attention to all wishes and of course with love💚

Discuss the order with the manager and fully explain the idea and wishes to him and, if possible, take a photo of the place where the future painting or panel will be, and we will create a sketch so that you can see how the masterpiece you invented will look like. Green Ecco Moss will bring everything to life and create for you a unique composition that only you will have!

Also check out the useful information on the GEM blogs, it will help you better understand what we produce and where it is used.

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