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Phyto wall…. Turning a simple wall into an oasis in the middle of the house

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

👨‍🎓Since ancient times, people have been decorating their homes with various plants. As a rule, these are flowerpots, but we all understand that this long-standing trend is fading into oblivion. IT'S TIME FOR MODERN SOLUTIONS!!! This is where Green Ecco Moss succeeds like never before. 😎😎

Phyto wall or stabilized moss wall is an uptrend! Just imagine how your entire wall will become an oasis that DOES NOT REQUIRE CARE AND WATERING. Refresh your interior with this great arrangement.

All types of moss and all types of plants can be used in the wall, you can view them in the store. We have made a special blog about the best compatibility of mosses and plants.

From the top range:

By plants:

This is a small part that fits perfectly into the wall. All products are stabilized and do not have any negative impact on health.

Wall dimensions and all existing wishes are discussed personally with the GEM manager.

Panels are made of plywood of different widths (often 6-18mm).

And they are installed on the wall with fasteners (depending on the wall, the fastening methods will change)

Also a cool option would be to add lighting to the wall. So the wall will look even cooler, or with the help of light you can beat one or another element of the composition. Our team can create a wall with a custom design or plant pattern. 🤯😉

Phytowall order

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