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New design. Panel tree of life.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

And one more of the new products!😉

Lately there are a lot of new products in our store. There will only be more and more, 'Green Ecco Moss' is doing everything to please you with new products!😲

We carefully consider each product. Before creating a masterpiece, we create a clear plan, which is why all the goods are of such excellent quality. 🌿🌿

Well, today we will look at the new tree of life design. Now the tree is made from the bark of the tree. And the lower part is decorated with stones of different colors, which gives even more interest to the panel. Also, we have added stabilized plants.😎

This design makes it even more possible to use these panels in any interiors and rooms. The dimensions of this panel are from 30 to 90 cm in diameter.

On all photos and videos the size is 50 cm diameter.

The tree is glued on double-sided tape, if necessary, we will provide additional fasteners. This method of fastening ensures the perfection of the product from GEM.

You can find out about other products and prices in the store. I also advise you to read blogs to have enough information about the company and products!

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