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Floral stabilized bouquets are the perfect gift for all holidays💗

Flower bouquets are the most popular gift all over the world. Floral arrangements combine the beauty of nature and the talent of a flower designer. The main reason bouquets are so popular as gifts is that they can show the feelings of the person giving them.😍

Flowers help to convey passion, tenderness, love, devotion, admiration and respect - something that is difficult to express in words. Roses are perhaps the most romantic flower, symbolizing love and affection.

🍀🍀Roses in the form of bulbs or stems can be given for personal anniversaries such as birthdays, February 14, March 8 or weddings. It's no secret that girls love bright and unique bouquets. The right combination of different types of plants can not only convey love, but also express gratitude, sympathy and apology.🌿🌿

Buy stabilized roses

Buy stabilized roses

🍀Flowers have different symbolic meanings in different countries and cultures. People prefer plants associated with their culture, and different colors have special meanings such as good luck, wealth, and fertility. Bright and unique colors of roses, orchids and chrysanthemums will cheer you up and give positive emotions. Elegant and original, these long-lasting plants complement the interior of the room, and their appearance will always remind you of the person you gave them to.

We remind you that all flowers from Green Ecco Moss are stabilized, which means that the natural juice of the plant is replaced by a special chemical solution. This solution is completely safe and environmentally friendly, so it can not do any harm to you and your children! Also, this means that your bouquet will delight for years! And all because the stabilized plants do not lose color over time and do not fade as if alive, they seem to be frozen in time, the guarantee for plants from our company is 5-8 YEARS! 😲😲😲

You can learn more about stabilization and products using this 'miracle' effect on our blog by clicking the button below, or contact the GEM manager for advice.

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