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Dried flowers from Green Ecco Moss

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Good day friends!

Today we will talk about dried flowers from GEM. In our assortment we have 30 different stabilized dried flowers. Since they have undergone a stabilization process, they do not need watering and care, insects do not start in them, they do not cause allergies. 100% safety from 'Green Ecco Moss' guaranteed!

What are dried flowers for? It's simple, they will be an excellent addition to various compositions of stabilized products (paintings, panels). They go great with moss.Examples are moss 'Kochka' and thistles of various colors.You can also use dried flowers along with preserved plants, it is a great idea to make a trio of moss, preserved fern and Diosmina Botao.

Thistle stabilized

Diosmina Botao

Experiment! Make your compositions, use various stabilized products and combinations. And most importantly, do as you like, and we, in turn, will provide you with the best product, which has long proven its safety and quality. And with the help of which we will make a real masterpiece!

You can see all of our products in our store. Also, do not forget about our consultants, they are pros in their field and will easily tell you what will be best for you, answer all questions and serve you quickly.

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